Ursula Creek (1976) Ursula Creek*

Format: Vinyl, LP, Private Pressing
Country: US
Genre: Hard Rock
Duration: 00:39:31

• «According to Webster» or, more specifically, according to his geographical distionary, Ursula Creek does not exist. If it did, it would be neatly sandwiched between Urso (see Osuna) and Urupan, which every one knows and loves as that charming little town just east of the new volcanoe of Paricutin in southwest Mexico. Further confusing the issue is the established fact that, in reality, Ursula Creek is actually a part of San Jose, Illinois — pronounced (of course) Saint Joe’s!
• As you may have guessed by now, Ursula Creek is no ordinary animal. Ursula Creek is not just a carbon copy of every other bew band. Ursula Creek is a unique entity. While Webster may claim Ursula Creek is nowhere, your own independent study of the carefully modulated vinyl artifact contained here in will reveal that, musically, Ursula Creek is right where you want is to be. Enjoy. — Michael J. Sullivan.

• Side One:
A1. Callin’ My Name — 04:12
A2. Dying For You — 04:00
A3. Until The Music Ends — 03:01
A4. Pictures Of Red Roses — 03:45
A5. Movement G — 04:55
• Side Two:
B1. Will You Shine — 03:17
B2. Gypsy On The Road — 03:20
B3. Rainy Days — 04:25
B4. Have You Got The Time — 04:09
B5. Highlights Of The World — 04:20

Produced by Jerry Grightman
Engineer by Tom Byler

Ed Culbertson — Drums, Lead Vocals
Kenny Kastner — Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gene Singley — Bass, Backing Vocals
Steve Voss — Keyboards, Backing Vocals

—— ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ——