The Magic Lanterns (1967) Lit Up — With The Magic Lanterns*

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1967
Genre: Pop Rock
Duration: 00:36:45

• The Magic Lanterns first lit up the London pop scene in the summer of swinging ’66. Four young men from Lancashire with accents as ripe as Wensleydale cheese cut a record called «Excuse Me Baby», a jolly, «good time music» song complete with an antique, horned one-string violin. That record took the Magic Lanterns into the charts — glowing dimly in the nether regions rather than lighting them up like searchlights, but even so quite an achievement for an unknown group. «Rumplestiltskin» followed, using a home-made instrument, which firmly established their name as a group with a distinctive sound. And with the release of. «Knight In Rusty Armour» the Magic Lanterns were obviously here to stay. Then one frosty night in January four young men and one bowler-hatted producer called Mike Collier emerged exhausted but elated from a recording studio in Charing Cross Road. This LP — the first album by the Magic Lanterns — was in the can.- Rodney Burbeck.

• Side One:
A1. You Must Believe Me — 02:56
A2. What Else Can It Be But Love — 03:12
A3. No Milk Today — 02:15
A4. Greedy Girl — 02:44
A5. I’m Only Dreaming — 02:29
A6. Long Long Time — 01:43
A7. Excuse Me Baby — 02:24
• Side Two:
B1. The Incrowd — 03:38
B2. Look At You — 02:32
B3. Romeo And Juliet — 02:28
B4. I Stumbled — 02:03
B5. Too Bad It Hurts — 02:31
B6. Simple Things — 03:01
B7. Knight In Rusty Armour — 02:44

Producer by Mike Collier
Photography by Bruce Fleming

Piano, Vocals – Jimmy «Jambo» Bilsbury
Bass Guitar – Ian Moncur
Drums – Allan Wilson
Lead Guitar – Peter Shoesmith

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