Priscilla Coolidge-Jones (1979) Flying*

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1979
Genre: Southern Rock, Pop Rock
Duration: 00:36:48

• Side One:
A1. Down To The Wire — 4:47
A2. You Got Me Spinnin’ — 3:02
A3. If You Don’t Want My Love — 4:20
A4. Woncha Come On Home — 3:50
A5. My Crew — 3:54
• Side Two:
B1. Disco Scene — 5:12
B2. Goin’ Throug These Changes — 3:17
B3. Sweet Bad Of Feeling — 4:20
B4. Stranger To Me Now — 5:02

Recorded at Enactron Studio, Beverly Hills, California
Producer by Booker T. Jones
First Engineer by Bradley Hartmann
Second Engineer by Lon Neuman
Strings Arranged by Booker T. Jones

Bass, Clavinet, Organ – Booker T. Jones
Bass – Billy Haynes, Dennis Belfield, Timothy Drummond
Drums, Timbales, Shaker – Michael Baird
Acoustic and Electric Guitar – Lenny Macaluso
Slide & Acoustic Guitar, Violin – David Lindley
Piano – Craig Doerge, John Hobbs, Michael Utley, David Paich
Backing Vocals – Priscilla Coolidge, Booker T. Jones,
Donny Gerrard, John Seiter, Luther Waters, Oren Waters
Congas, Percussion (Cabasa) – Eddie «Bongo» Brown
Harmonica – Mickey Raphael
Strings Conductor – Jules Chaiken
Drums – Ed Greene

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