Peter Gallway (1978) On The Bandstand*

Format: Mini LP Sleeve
Country: Japan
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock
Duration: 01:03:07

• Born and raised in New York City, Peter Gallway cut his musical teeth at a time which fostered the talents of the Lovin’ Spoonful, James Taylor, Richie Havens and Laura Nyro. Recording just out of high school with his group The Strangers, he eventually made three albums for the Warner/Reprise label, the first of which was with the highly acclaimed Fifth Avenue Band. His following two solo outings written and recorded in Los Angeles, Ohio Knox and Peter Gallway, led to extensive touring across the United States and Japan.
• After five years in Southern California Peter re-located to the state of Maine where he based his touring band, honed his recording skills, and continued to write and eventually produce projects for other artists. 1978 and 1979 saw the release of On the Bandstand for the Vividsound label of Tokyo and Tokyo to Kokomo, an Imagination/Rounder release in the United States.
• The 1980’s brought the increased popularity of his band and tours of Japan. His song Sunday Basketball was featured in the film Hoopla for the Basketball Hall Of Fame and he was voted Best Songwriter at the Maine Music Awards. He further collaborated on three acclaimed works of musical theater through the Maine Festival of the Arts and through the Portland Stage Company by way of The National Endowment for the Arts. His sixth album Proof was released through Fishtraks in 1985. Meanwhile his list of production credits was growing to include multiple projects with Devonsquare, Aztec Two-Step, Cormac McCarthy, Tom Pirozzoli, and more.
• In 1988 Peter moved back to New York City and produced Cliff Eberhardt, Christine Lavin, Japan’s Bread and Butter and Hawaii’s Kalapana. A second Fifth Avenue Band collection Really was recorded in 1990 and released on the Pony Canyon label of Tokyo and greater involvement with US recording companies led to an A&R consultancy with Shanachie Entertainment. Meanwhile he produced and recorded another collection of his own music Small Good Thing, released through the Gadfly label in 1994. Other projects of that period included Jim Infantino Live, Jabbering Trout, Devonsquare, and sessions with the legendary Laura Nyro. Shortly thereafter, he embarked on the critically acclaimed Astor Place Recordings project Time and Love: the Music of Laura Nyro featuring Rosanne Cash, Jane Siberry, Jill Sobule and Patty Larkin.1998 brought the release of his own live anthology A Night In Time followed by 1999’s autobiographical Redemption, both on the Gadfly label. These were accompanied by the second conceptual collection for Astor Place, the Grammy nominated Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village in the 60’s featuring Chrissie Hynde, Marshall Crenshaw and Suzanne Vega.

• Tracklist:

01. Sunday Basketball — 02:59
02. I Had A Friend — 03:36
03. I’d Give It All To You — 03:40
04. Liz — 03:32
05. They Went That-A Way — 03:44
06. On The Bandstand — 04:43
07. No Other Words — 05:05
08. The Make Believe Mambo — 04:29
09. Table For Two — 03:14
10. Sally B. And Me — 02:58
Bonus Track:
11. Tokyo To Kokomo — 05:12
12. Tropical Dandy (For Haruomi Hosono) — 03:44
13. Loco Banana — 04:01
14. Creole Cul-De-Sac — 04:22
15. State Street — 04:06
16. Fallin’ Out Of Love — 03:14

Produced by Peter Gallway
Executive Producer by Don Rubin An Imagination Record
Recorded at Triton Productions, Brighton, Massachussetts
Engineered by Michael Golub

Guitars — Denny Williams, David Landau, Will MacFarlane,
Larry John McNally, Mark Wainer, Paul Rishell
Keyboards — Jon Hardy, Kevin De Simone, Harry King, David Case, Murry Weinstock
Steel Drum Guitar — John Moses
Bass — Rob Roy, Dave Conrad, James Libbey, Neil Stubenhaus
Drums — Steve Johnson, Tom Blackwell, Jeff Teague, Ron Lapointe, Perry Morin
Percussion — Marshall Rosenberg
Horns — Tom Hamilton
Saxophone — Billy Novick, Steve Fazio
Flute — Jimmy Biggins, Michael Golub
Harmonica — Mike Turk
Chorus — Rob Roy, Steve Johnson. Niki Aukema, Larry John McNally,
Tom Blackwell, Andrea Re, Jane Simms, Heidi Metzger,
Michael Golub, Diana Mae Munch, Murry Weinstock, Eliot Osborn

—— ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ——