Grayson Hugh (1980) Grayson Hugh*

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1980
Genre: Rock, Jazz Rock
Duration: 00:44:01

• Ever since he was able to walk, Grayson Hugh knew he was going to play music. Growing up in the suburbs of West Hartford, Connecticut, he and his two brothers would often terrorize the neighborhood by holding extremely loud and long «practice sessions», playing the family piano and various improvised percussion instruments. Some of the family furniture still bears the marks of this enthusiastic drumming. His fascination with rhythm led him to explore his father’s extensive record collection, where he listened to African drummer Babatunde Olatunji, the calypso of Harry Belafonte and the earthy music of Ray Charles and Odetta. Grayson loved the rhythmic guitar-picking of folk and bluegrass music as well, and at an early age he began to incorporate these elements into his piano playing style. … here
• In 1980 he formed The Grayson Hugh Quartet, in which he played piano, Hammond B3 organ and sang lead. Along with David Stoltz on bass, Tom Majesky on guitar and vocals, and Rob Gottfried on drums, this was the band that recorded Grayson’s first record «Grayson Hugh», on the label One of Nineteen Records in 1980.

• Side One:
A1. When You’re Young & In The Picture — 6:09
A2. Madness Of The Heart — 5:28
A3. Just When I Was Dancing — 5:35
A4. In The Hour Of The Loon — 6:18
• Side Two:
B1. There’s No Such Thing As Those Walls — 07:13
B2. City Dawn — 13:16

Produced and Recorded by Ron Scalise
at the Nineteen, Glastonbury, CT.
Producer & Engineer by Ron Scalise
Executive Producer by William Bromstedt
Mastering Engineer by Mike Fuller

Grayson Hugh — piano, organ, vocals, saxophones
Tom Majesky — electric 12 and 6-string and acoustic guitars
David Stoltz — electric bass
Rob Gottfried — drums, percussion

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