Footloose (1980) Footloose*

Format: Vinyl, LP Album
Released: 1980
Country: Canada
Genre: AOR
Duration: 00:36:17

• Formed in 1979, this Edmonton band came out of the cabaret dance scene as evidenced by their groove-oriented, hook-laden recordings. Footloose released one album and several singles, which were recorded at Damon Studios for independent Mustard Records (distributed by RCA in Canada). The group scored a Top10 hit in Canada with the ballad «Leaving For Maui». Follow-up singles kept the band busy but Feehan left to pursue a solo career in 1982 and Footloose eventually split up that year. Tim Feehan would go on to a successful three albums solo career and is now a producer for the likes of 1980’s teen idol, Tiffany, in Los Angeles. (

• Side One:
A1. Leaving For Maui (Tim Feehan & Doug Buck) — 03:28
A2. Just Enough Love (Tim Feehan & Doug Buck) — 03:29
A3. Dancin’ Feelin’ (Tim Feehan & Doug Buck) — 03:32
A4. It’ll Take Some Time (Tim Feehan) — 03:45
A5. Put On The Dog (Tim Feehan & Doug Buck) — 04:19
• Side Two:
B1. Time Is Right (Tim Feehan) — 04:09
B2. Jamie (Tim Feehan) — 05:19
B3. Line-Ups (Tim Feehan & Doug Buck) — 04:27
B4. Thanks I Needed That (Tim Feehan) — 03:45

Recorded & Mixed at Damon Sound Studios, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Produced by Garry McDonall & Footloose
Engineers: Gary McDonall & Rick Erickson
Mixed by Garry McDonall & Footloose

Dwayne Feland — Drums
Terry Medd — Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Tim Feehan — Lead & Background vocals
George Goodall — Bass
Curt Smith — Keyboards & Synthesizer Arrangements
Additional musicians:
Brenda Jackson — Background vocals on «Jamie» & «Time Is Right»
Brian Feland — Percussion
P.J. Perry — Alto Sax
Trevor Dunn, Doug Jenson — Guitar
Ted Boroweicki — Fender Rhodes
Rick Erickson — Bass
Violins — James Keene, Tom Johnson, Broderyck Olson,
Marlin Wolfe, Mary Cockell & Dolores Vann
Viola — Evan Verchomin
Cello — Colin Ryan

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