David Elliott (1972) David Elliott*

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1972
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Soft Rock
Duration: 00:34:27

• 11 tracks, studio recordings. Starting with «Kid’s stuff» and ending with «Open the door». All tracks written by David Elliott. Produced by Mick Grabham (Procol Harum). Music is a mix art rock-classic rock fused with blues, folk and psychedelic elements (depending on the track). Classical music elements are also present on two tracks. Lots of acoustic and electric guitars throughout. Possibly, the closest similarities as sound would be the British artists Audience and Nick Drake. Superb recordings and sounding album.

• Side One:
A1. Kid’s Stuff — 03:01
A2. If I Were You — 02:26
A3. Lover — 04:08
A4. The Love You Put On Yesterday — 03:11
A5. You Better Move — 04:38
• Side Two:
B1. Dear Mary — 02:36
B2. Down To My Last Dime — 02:31
B3. The Invisible Man — 01:58
B4. The Rich Man’s Love Story — 02:41
B5. Some — 03:15
B6. Open The Door — 03:31

This Album is dedicated to Mikhail Strabo
Published by Blue Mountain Ltd.
Producer by Mick Grabham
Tinting by Maurice Tate
Cover by Hipgnosis

Guitar, Bass, Vocals – David Elliott
Guitar, Piano – Caleb Quaye
Bass – Rick Wills
Bass, Vocals – Dee Murray
Drums – Chris Karan, Dave Mattacks, Roy O. Temro
Drums, Vocals – Nigel Olsson
Guitar – Albert Lee, Mick Grabham, Tim Renwick
Piano – Francis Monkman
Steel Guitar – B.J. Cole

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