Corliss Nelson (1972) Corliss*

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1972
Genre: Rock, Folk, Country Rock
Duration: 00:26:55

• Another of producer Tom Wilson’s discoveries while he was in a executive position at Motown’s subsidiary label Natural Resources. Corliss Nelson’s lone album is a pleasant mix of folk, pop and rock that displays Nelson’s talents on vocals, acoustic guitar and violin. His approach at times reminds me a bit of what Paul Simon or Paul McCartney. a style later accomplished on their solo efforts. The songs, all originals, are augmemted with lovely string and brass arrangements by Roger Janotta and Pat Rhodes respectively.

• Side One:
A1. The Way I Live — 02:30
A2. I Look At Your Face — 02:59
A3. Bitter Sweet Sorrow — 02:12
A4. Anything Goes — 02:43
A5. I Like The Way You Are — 02:41
• Side Two:
B1. Four Leaf Clover — 02:00
B2. She’s Back — 02:30
B3. Way Back — 02:00
B4. Let Me Begin — 02:55
B5. Hang Nail — 02:25
B6. Love To You — 02:11

Executive Producer – Tom Wilson
Producer by John Wagner

Corliss Nelson — Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Vocals
Carl Silver & Ralph Gonzalez — Drums
Rolanda Baca & Nester Eaton — Electric Guitar
Chuck Klingbeil — Organ & Piano
Jack Kane and Bob Barran — Bass
Joe Phillips — Vibes

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