Alive ‘N Kickin’ (1970) Alive ‘N Kickin’*

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1970
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Soft Rock, Psychedelic
Duration: 00:34:30

• Alive ‘n Kickin’ was a New York pop/rock band from the late ’60s. Tommy James discovered the group playing in a local club. Impressed with their performance, he convinced his label, Roulette, to sign the group, and he supplied them with a song he had co-written, «Tighter, Tighter.» (He initially gave them «Crystal Blue Persuasion,» but he had second thoughts and kept it for himself.) «Tighter, Tighter» was an infectious number, and the group had a couple of songs that nearly matched it. Unfortunately, the follow-up singles didn’t go anywhere, and the group fell apart shortly afterward. Collectables reissued their enjoyable, albeit uneven, debut album augmented by the non-LP singles «London Bridge,» «You Gave Me Something» and «Good Ole Lovin’ Back Home.» There might not be anything that is as memorable as «Tighter, Tighter,» but fans of that single, Tommy James and early-’70s mainstream pop might find it worth exploring. — Thomas Erlewine

• Side One:
A1. Tighter, Tighter (written by B. King, T. James) — 2:45
A2. Junction Creek (written by P. Cardona, S. Toder) — 4:00
A3. Jordan — 3:29
A4. Kentucky Fire — 5:10
A5. Sunday Morning — 0:30
• Side Two:
B1. Just Let It Come (written by A. Martin) — 3:09
B2. Mississippi Mud — 5:42
B3. Hitter Man (written by J. Parisio, P. Cardona) — 4:34
B4. Mother Carey’s Chicken (written by P. Cardona) — 4:28

Producer by Bob King, Tommy James

Pepe Cardona, Sandy Toder — vocals
John Parisio — guitar
Thomas Woody Wilson — bass
Bruce Sudano — keyboards
Vito Albano — drums, percussion

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